Luxury Refurbishments Services

Rayan & Co. Enterprise specialise in delivery of luxury interior projects while keeping in mind the budget of our clients. We have generated our exceptional reputation through taking a clients vision and translating it into reality. Our success comes from our

interior design service


Rayan Enterprises is the brother company of Celine Estates, a renowned interior design practice. As a result of this strong relationship we are able to provide fully integrated design packages alongside our refurbishment services. This has proved to be an incredible asset to our clients and to the whole renovation process as the design team are involved from the start, ensuring errors are minimised and the entire process is managed impeccably.

refurbishment service


At Rayan Enterprises, we specialise in all aspects of property for the last 25 years including refurbishment, sales and acquisitions, marketing and design. We have refurbished single units, apartments buildings, hotels and even student accommodation developments.



The forefront of the business lies in the hands of our clients. Rayan Enterprises is known to comply with the client budget, and to give the client the very best services regardless of the scale of the job. By leaving our company to the hard work, we will provide the client with multiple refurbishment options and alternatives to fulfil the criteria. From concept to completion, we agree to a set budget and stick to it for the benefit of the client and our business.